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Hilkova Ekaterina (1827-1876)

The woman - a great master of fine arts in the world - a topic of special investigations. Their small, even in a very democratic times (for example, the beginning of XX century) should not surprise us. In most European countries, Russia among them, the family life of all walks of life and social customs were not conducive to the involvement of women in the employment of Fine Arts. Since the beginning of the secular art in our country was considered a man's profession of artist craft. Since established in the second half of the XVIII century, the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg, designed for students from the lower strata of the population - the children of soldiers, petty officials, the serfs. And only by the 1820s, studies at the Academy of Fine Arts is a prestigious and among academics appear offspring of the nobility. Only since 1893, the fairer sex has become available formal training at the Academy. Previously, they could be engaged as an auditor students. The painting "Interior of the women's section of the St. Petersburg School of Drawing for an auditor," says Ekaterina Hilkova and presents interesting document about learning Russian ladies fine art.

Unfortunately, information about the artist remained little offensively. It is known that she was born in Tambov. Attended classes at the Academy of Fine Arts. Reproduced here for the picture received from the Academy silver medal. In 1864, for "Portrait of M. Bulgakov's" got a second silver medal of the artist and title of the class of degree. On the academic exhibition presents several other works, EN Hilkova. However, since 1876 a mention in the press about the life and work of the artist disappear.

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