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Ilya Galkin Savitch (1860-1915)

Growth beautiful craftsmanship Ilya Galkin Savich has been steady, but, frankly, not very rapid. Only twenty-three years, he became a student of the Academy of Fine Arts volnoprihodyaschim attending classes until 1888.

In 1887, he received the title of an art teacher with the right instruction in the lower schools. In those same years, the academic announcements appeared his first genre works smoothly written: "For the spinning wheel", "Return from the Hunt" (both - 1887), "In the Rye. Chess," "Head Little Russian" (both - 1888), "Grandpa and granddaughters, "" Etude head. During ducks "," On the sun "(all - 1889).

In 1892, IS Galkin graduated from the Academy of Science course (there was a course at the Academy of general disciplines: history, archeology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, art history of ancient Russia, without learning the academics who are not awarded the official title). In the same year he was awarded the title of class artist third degree. In the following year for "Portrait of Academician of Painting YB Fedders" and "Portrait of the Artist VG Kazantsev" IS Galkin awarded the title of class artist of the second degree.

Perhaps in portraiture artist has achieved greater recognition, including among high a person close to the imperial house. Yes, and in the said house were admirers of the IS Galkina, and because one of the academic exhibition was shown a portrait painted by the very Empress. And the event was a success painter.

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