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Alexey Egorov Ye

One of the most gifted artists of academic drawing, AE Egorov No wonder his contemporaries received the name "Russian Raphael." His whole life was connected with the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts.

On the early years of the artist is not known to almost nothing. Russian Cossacks picked up a child in the Kalmyk steppe during fighting campaign. Vague childhood memories for him forever remain kibitka, a silk dressing gown and embroidered boots. Before we get to St. Petersburg, a boy not long lived in Moscow foster home, and in 1782 was designated an educational school at the Academy of Arts.

In academic classes Egorov studied with Professors I. Akimov and G. I. Ugryumova . There he quickly gained fame as the best painter and the consolidation of medals for drawings from nature.

After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in 1797 with the right to travel abroad to improve in art, Egorov only in 1803, along with other graduates falls to Rome. Until that time, it was left to teach drawing in academic classes - a rare honor for recent graduates.

About stay Egorova in Italy there were a lot of legends. From one we learn that at the first visit of full-scale class Russian artist struck present their skills, depicting sitter very quickly and, most importantly, in a deep perspective. Egorov painted, sitting almost at the feet of the model, because by the time he came to class more comfortable seats were occupied.
 Another legend tells how Yegorov defended the honor of Russian art in response to a statement by a local artist, who claimed that Russian never draw the human figure so masterfully, as it will make the Italian, Yegorov took the coal and saying, "This is how you know?" - Painted on the wall of bleached human one essay, starting with the thumb of the left leg. They said that after the incident, for the drawing Egorova Italian art lovers paid as many gold coins as laid down to the surface of the image.

Egorov acquired extraordinary popularity in Italy. His talent was highly appreciated the leading masters of classicism - A. Canova and B. Kamuchchini, the latter even used a Egorov sketches for his compositions. Pa pa Pius VII was offering him to stay in Italy as a court painter. However, the artist did not take advantage of this opportunity and summer 1807, at the end of pensionerstva, he returned to St. Petersburg. Here he entered the post of associate professor of the Academy of Arts, and in September is recognized for academic sketch song "The Entombment" for the Kazan Cathedral.

Further, more than thirty years, the service at the Academy brought him a gradual ascent to the heights of academic careers. In 1812 he became a professor of history painting in 1831-m - Professor 1st degree, and in 1832 - Distinguished Professor - the highest rank in the academic hierarchy.

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