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Drittenpreys Vladimir Petrovich (1878-1916)

Drittenpreys Vladimir 04.06.1878 Moscow - 1916

 Artist Drittenpreys Vladimir painter, architect. Author symbolic and allegorical compositions, still lifes, portraits and decorative miniatures, architectural design and construction, decoration of interiors. He worked in the magazine graphics.

 Vladimir Drittenpreys in 1887 1897gg. Alexander studied at the School of Commerce in Moscow. In 1898. entered the Moscow School of Painting at the Department of Architecture, where then taught AN Pomerantcev, FF and ermine

 In 1906. honored for architectural projects a small silver medal in 1907g.-large silver medal.
 in 1908. graduated from the department of architecture schools with the title of class painter of architecture, and at the same time adopted by the painting department of the school, but in October the same year, was eliminated from the students.

 Drittenpreys artist collaborated with the magazine "Balance" and "Golden Fleece". In 1907 1909gg. performed the decoration of the courtroom literary and artistic circle, and created sketches of decorative Russian Hunting Club.

 Drittenpreys Vladimir member of the creative community, "Blue Rose" and exhibitor 1907.;
 Society of Arts, a founding member of the Company's "Free aesthetics."

 He took part in the exhibitions "Garland. Stefanos" 190g-1908gg., "Salon" (S. Makovsky) 1909., "World of Art" 1911. etc.

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