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Chistyakov Pavel Petrovich

"The only (in Russian), a true teacher of the immutable laws of form" respectfully called Chistyakov V. Serov . This recognition of the talent of master teacher was deservedly traditional, sometimes even the loss of the very source of success - hard work in the arts. However, in it, despite the modest number of completed paintings, contemporaries saw the start of the "real" Russian historical painting.

Chistyakov was born in a family of serfs, who served as steward of the estate. At the baptism of Merit father received his freedom. While studying at the Bezhetsky district school became a great interest in drawing.
At seventeen, he entered the Academy of Fine Arts, where the number in the class of historical painting P. B. Basin .

In 1861, for the program "The Grand Duchess Sophie Vitovtovna at the wedding of Grand Prince Vasily the Dark ..." received a gold medal. The composition of this painting is built like a mise en scene with a dynamic and rhythmic movements of contrasting characters, emotionally reacting to an event in accordance with their historical role. Psychological characteristics of the action demonstrated new possibilities of historical painting, free from external effects of late romanticism. Drew attention to the program, and Stasov called it "brilliant."

In autumn 1862 Chistyakov went to the pensioner's trip. In Italy, he began to compose the picture na plot of Tacitus' last moments of Messalina, wife of Roman Emperor Claudius, "which addressed the problem of complex plastic: sensual life in the face of death. The work was left unfinished, and moreover, it has become a symbol of creative destiny Chistyakov - an artist who knows what to do, but do not achieve this in their works. For picture were written numerous studies and sketches. In them, especially in watercolors executed, the love of which he later imparted to his disciples, and one could feel the painting A. Ivanova . In the choice of models for a number of portrait studies show social pathos wizard alien to traditional notions of "fine" of Italy.

After returning to St. Petersburg in 1870 Chistyakov four works (including "Roman beggar", 1867), received the title of Academician. The consequences of the disease in Italy undergoing complicated painting classes.

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