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Budkin Philipp Osipovich (1806-1850)

Expertise portraitist Philippe Osipovich Budkina (Butkina) was certain. And because of those who posed for him, people were not just well-known, and widely known, including those of the royal family. Student of the Academy of Fine Arts in 1833, he was for "Self Portrait" received a silver medal. In 1835 - for "Portrait of a brother," a large silver medal and the title of a free artist's portraiture. Upon graduation from the Academy painter's talent was quickly in demand. He wrote, among other portraits of Nicholas I (1837), the influential Prince NI Dondukova-Korsakov (1840), the great Russian painter KP Briullov (1845). For "Portrait of Prince Nikolai Dondukova-Korsakov's "FO Budkin awarded the title of academician. Yet creativity FO Budkina not become an event in Russian portraiture 1830-1840-ies. It was at this time ambitious targets in the face of O. Kiprenskyy , V. Tropinina , K. Bryullova , next to which was a large group of portraitists, comparable in some studies with the above luminaries on the talent and skill. The painter created his memorable portraits and it entered the Russian painting, as she went into the hundreds and thousands of artists, each of which carried out its mission in accordance with the nature of the gift given to him.


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