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Briullov, Alexander Pavlovich

The elder brother of Karl Briullov , Alexander is known mainly as a talented architect. According to his project to build a building in St. Petersburg Mikhailovsky Theatre (now the Little Theater of Opera and Ballet. Mussorgsky, 1831-33), the Lutheran Church of Saints Peter and Paul on the Nevsky Prospekt (1833-38), the Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory (1834 - 39), the Staff of the Guards Corps on Palace Square (1837-43), etc. He also participated in the recovery rooms of the Winter Palace after the fire of 1837

 However contemporaries valued at Alexander Briullov not only an architect, but also a graphic artist. He has painted, wrote in watercolor, fond of lithography. AP Briullov came from a family of hereditary art. However, as an artist, he developed quite independently, which indicates a strong personality and undoubted talent. His first teacher was his father, I. Briullov - master decorative carving, from 1810 to 1820 he studied at the Academy of Arts architectural class AA Mikhailov (second). In 1816 and 1819. the youth received the silver medal for drawings from nature and architectural drawings.

 After graduating in 1821 with a certificate of Arts degree 1, Alexander and his brother Charles is going to improve in a year abroad (Germany, Italy, France) at the expense of OPH. But before his departure he managed to take part in the work on one of the best lithographic editions taken OPH - "Collected species of St. Petersburg and the surrounding area" (1821-26), following three fine on its own sheet of drawings, "Admiralty by Glashka Staff-on "," Hay Square in St. Petersburg "and" Promenade on Krestovsky. " Indicative artist's interest in a new, more just mastered in the Russian printing techniques - lithography.

 Sending him abroad, OPH, along with the study of classical architecture and the drawing up of an architectural project commissioned Brullov thoroughly learn the techniques of lithography at the famous Parisian master G. Engelmann. A. Brullov remained abroad from 1822 to 1830 as an architect, he was a restoration project Pompeii term (the album of "Pompeii terms" with text written by him was published in 1824 in Paris). However, the 1820s. in the works Bryullova portentous intensive work in watercolors. He writes romantic landscapes ("Rocks and moon at night", 1824), creates a series on the ascent of Vesuvius, to which was the summer of 1824, but most of all involved watercolor portraits.

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