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Boatman Yegor Ivanovich (? -1891)

Around named Egor (George) Ivanovic Boatman definitely there is some information puzzle. To have survived a considerable number of his works, although details of his life and work are virtually absent. In the main Russian reference source - the "List of Russian artists to the Anniversary Book of the Imperial Academy of Arts," which amounted to SN Kondaks and was published in 1914, EI Botmanu focused on the following two sentences: "A native of the city of Lübeck.

In 1853 he received the title of Academician of the Academy of Fine Arts portraiture Portrait of Emperor Nicholas I ". Regarding the assignment of academic rank, apparently, it is appropriate perfectly logical exclamation:" How not to award the title of academician, if the painter depicts an autocrat? But in fact the artist was weak. "Is appropriate, but it also does not hold the same logical criticism for being admitted to the image of the face, body and stature of the emperor, the painter must have some, and high craftsmanship. Yet brush E. I. Boatman is owned and "Portrait of Emperor Alexander II", with both portrait fully correspond to the high style of the so-called official portrait.

It is clear that the Soviet art criticism could not pay much attention to the painter of the imperial family (more fully than said reference SN Kondakova bibliographical dictionary "Artists of the USSR" <M., 1972> EI Botmanu not devoted to one and offers). However, we will not complain, because the situation is gradually corrected. Because you can boldly assert that there was a Russian painter and academician portraiture Yegor Ivanovich Boatman. By the way, they made eight portraits of Russian admirals are in the Central Naval Museum in St. Petersburg.

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