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Borisov, Alexander (1866-1934)

Landscape painter. Traveller.

Born 2 (14), November 1866, p. Deep Creek Vologda province. In a peasant family. Worked in icon painting workshop Solovetsky Monastery (1884-1886). He studied at the School of Drawing OPH (1886-1888), the IAH-VHU (1888-1897) from Ivan Shishkin and in the studio AIKuindzhi (since 1894).

During the years of training incentive awarded medals (1889, 1891-1893.)
 In 1897, for the painting "In the eternal ice. Summer" and "On the walrus" was the title of the artist.

 Lived in St. Petersburg (up to 1909), then in the village Krasnoborsk Arkhangelsk province.

 Organized expeditions to the Far North with scientific, artistic and ethnographic goals (1894, 1896, 1898, 1899, 1901, 1906).

 In 1899 Borisov AA sent an expedition to the New Earth. In the Kara Sea yacht hit the ice captivity. Together with the crew Borisov AA boat left on foot across the island and stayed for the winter in the house and studio, which he built on the ice Matochkin Strait.
 During the winter he explored the island, painted, which captures the eternal ice, jelly sea . Like all artists marine painters in love with his land, was able to convey in his paintings understated beauty of the North Sea.

 Subsequently, Alexander Borisov continued research in the Arctic, has made repeated travels to the Arctic and attended the New Earth several times. It is thanks to him on the map of the island were the names of the glacier Tretyakov, capes Shishkin, Kuindji Archaeology, Vasnetsov, Vereshchagin, Repin.

 The results of the expeditions are described in his book "The country cold and Death" (1907). That Arctic research, travel to the Arctic and brought the artist immense popularity. In 1973, at the suggestion of the USSR Academy of Sciences is one of the peninsulas of the New Earth came to be called by his name.

 Member of associations: North Circle (since 1905, a founding member), the Society Kuindzhi (since 1909, a founding member), the Group of Artists (1909-1911) Realist (since 1927).

 The author studies: AA Borisov "We Samoyeds. From Pinega to the Kara Sea." St. Petersburg., 1907; Borisov AA "The country is cold and death." St. Petersburg., 1908; Borisov AA: "Far North": The Album. Moscow, Leningrad, 1931.

Died August 17, 1934 at p. Krasnoborsk Arkhangelsk region.


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