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Alexey Bogolyubov

AP Bogolyubov - "sailor-artist," as he called himself - was a great landscape painter, and no less remarkable man.

 All his life he perfected his skills purposefully and thoughtfully worked, not allowing yourself to relax for a minute - and left a very interesting artistic heritage. In addition, a lot of energy and all his very considerable fortune given to the development of Russian art school. Among Russian artists used the utmost respect.

 Bogolyubov was born in the family of a veteran of World War II in 1812, according to his mother, he - the grandson of AI Radishcheva. In 1841, he graduated from the Naval College and served in the Navy, has visited many countries. Since 1849, attended classes Petersburg Academy of Arts, studied with M. Vorobyov and BP Villevalde. However, the greatest impact pa Pego I. Aivazovsky .

 In 1853, Bogolyubov out of the walls of the Academy of Arts with a gold medal and a certificate of degree 1 on the title of the class artist. At the same time it seeks dismissal from the service and is appointed by the artist of the Naval Staff.
 in 1854-60 years. travels in Europe, and a lot of hard work from life, do not miss a chance to re-learn from significant artists. In Rome, met with A. A. Ivanov , who praises his work, said pictorial talent and advised to pay more attention to the picture.
 Bogolyubov in Düsseldorf took lessons from A. Achenbach. In Paris admires the Barbizon school, and at the same time criticizing them. French artists, in turn, appreciated the originality of the hierarchy, his devotion to nature, a desire for writing in the landscape. In the studio hierarchy liked being Corot. SH.-F. Daubigny exchanged with the Russian artist sketches.

 Returning to Russia in 1860 with a lot of paintings and sketches (which included "Fair in Amsterdam", ca. 1859 "Fish Market in Scheveningen", 1859, and others), Bogolyubov showed his work at an exhibition at the Academy of Arts and was astonished by the academic rank of professor Council and a special thanks. For a while he taught at the Academy of Arts.

 In the 1860s. made three trips to the Volga. The Great Russian River hit Bogolyubov vast expanse and beauty spots. It was then that the works of Bogolyubov finally disappears romantic touch in the spirit of Aivazovsky and beauty is reality itself, there is another note - epic. He paints landscapes with wide coverage area, transmits a certain light, a condition of the day ("Ipatiev Monastery near Kostroma," 1861 "Religious procession in Yaroslavl ', 1863; etude" Astrakhan. Admiralty, "etc.).

By order of the Naval Staff Bogolyubov in 1850-70's. performs a series of paintings dedicated to the naval battles of the Crimean and Russian-Turkish wars, as well as the historic battles of the XVIII century. ("Battle of Sinop 18 November 1757", 1857-59, "The Battle of the Russian fleet with Swedish in 1790 near Kronstadt at the Red Hill", 1866, "The Battle of Lake Ezel 24 May 1719", 1866-72, "Explosion of the Turkish monitor ", 1877, etc.). Conditions of the order dictated by the accuracy of all the details in the image rigging and transfer of the historical details. Hence - known dryness of the works.

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