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Bashilov Yakov Stepanovich (1839-1896)

Jacob S. Bashilov not leave behind glowing reviews and positive memories. Information about his life and work a little bit. We know that he graduated from the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, which proved to be a consistent genre painter. For qualifying the title he had to present their work at one of the annual academic exhibitions. Obviously, for his work "The Game of Chess" (From the Life of Ivan the Terrible) YS Bashilov received in 1869 the title of the class artist of the third degree, which corresponded to the lowest, XIV class of civilian officials. No doubt both - the skill level of the painter was high enough.

In 1872, for the painting "In the shoemaker's workshop," Having been on the academic exhibition, JS Bashilova was named artist of the first degree. And it has already been recognized. Finally, the merits of the arguments in favor of genre painting YS Bashilova facts are finding these patterns in major museums around the country: in the Russian and the Tretyakov Gallery. Minor creation in these collections do not fall.

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