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Astaltsev Viktor Vladimirovich (1927-1994)

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The fate of the artist as a drop of water reflects the huge world, convex, surround, talent transformed into a magical Masters of the Universe image. Particularly in Russia has always respected painters, is the beauty of God's creation, the audience, and not to distort or destroy it.

 Among the people who are particularly thin to feel the harmony of the world, was an artist who is dedicated to this short story, which, according to Michael Alpatov "like the masters of Russian art, such as Apollinaris Vasnetsov , Konstantin Korovin , Isaac Levitan and Konstantin Yuon , his talent sluzhitpochetnoy problem recreating the art of the poetic world of Russian prirodyi Russian architecture. "

 At the end of the epic is for the current generation in 1927 in a village in the southern Urals Mesyagutovo near Ufa, in the wondrous land, PavlomBazhovym sung in the "Mistress of the Copper Mountain", was born a wonderful russkiyhudozhnik Astaltsev Victor, whose work is one of his exhibitions postoyannyhposetiteley called "beautiful songs about Russia ". To come to this beautiful world he had a chance at all in the most beautiful and in very harsh times.
 1928 was the year of the "great collectivization" shlaostreyshaya fight the new government not only for bread, but for total nasazhdenienovyh rules and foundations of life in the country. Victor was the ninth month, when under mysterious tragic circumstances of his dying father. Who does not hit the former cavalryman Chapayev Division Vladimir Astaltsev, dared at the height of the godless time to marry a priest's daughter? In dashing years of collectivization understand this one did not.
 smertimateri After nine year old boy was "an orphan," which was a lot of hard second time. Lidia dies 27 years of age. For a long time he grew sredisluchaynyh people and extended family, brought up in a children's dome.Malchik soon learned to paint, it brightened up his existence in samyestrashnye and tragic moments. Taiga and rocks with powerful secular sosnamii spruces - stern and majestic scenery, sunken into the soul of the whole zhizn.Svyato to love and understand the beauty of all life has taught him razyskavshayabuduschego artist's grandmother - a widow who was executed in 1937, priest, father of John iikonopistsa Levitsky.

 Ekaterina St. George-Levitskaya drove the boy to the forest, the mountains, taught to admire the nature, the sky, the earth, to see the harmony of God's world, taught kindness and responsibility to this world. Her bright image of the artist carried in my heart and memory until the end of his days. He often recalled and stories of the old teacher Mary IvanovnyZaharovoy, razglyadevshy in fatherless artistic talent of rossiyskoyistorii about Russian culture, the old "royal" times.
 Evacuated izMoskvy during World War II, she taught at shkolecherchenie and drawing. Classes in the circle of Fine Arts, which was led by MariyaIvanovna identified the entire life of the artist. From these two, without exaggeration, the great Russian women, the most terrible years to preserve national traditions, the memory of the cultural accomplishments of the people, took the future master of the very unique creatures otvetstvennostpered ancestors zachastuyurusskih unknown artists who have created masterpieces of ancient architecture. These masterpieces and the greatness of native wildlife artist will sing in his paintings all my life.

 And began his work with children's drawings, which he movingly portrayed gentle belostvolnye birches dobryhdomashnih animal illustrations to the classics of Russian literature, which he has always loved and knew.
 At sixteen Viktoruhodit the front. The boy was a volunteer in 1944, refer to the Far East, away from the big war, but after a year of war comes and tuda.V between fights, painting portraits of fellow soldiers, tanks and guns, in rare moments of rest, he recalled his native Urals, its fabulous scenery , beloved grandmother, prayers which were stored in a soldier samyestrashnye moments. Seeing her grandson to the front, Mother Catherine sewed the text of the prayer into his breast pocket. According to the memoirs of Viktor Vladimirovich, repeatedly under heavy enemy fire, he is the only one of all units remained alive. Conscription in the army for seven years.

 At that time - in the years 1948-50. Victor Astaltsevuchilsya a correspondence course of drawing and painting people's Academy in Moscow. Suitcase with army figures, unfortunately, has remained ufrontovogo friend forever.

 Discharged in 1951, Victor entered the Moscow Art School of 1905, in the theatrical set design department.
 In 1956-58 he worked as a set designer at the Central Children's Theatre in Moskve.Obladaya wonderful artistic and vocal, replaced, happened, according to the memoirs of the an artist, a friend of then-boyfriend - a novice actor CDT Oleg Yefremov in small roles. The benefit of many found resemblance between them, and after the cheerful friendly feasts artist sometimes found himself in better shape than the artist.

 Despite the entreaties of friends, actors throw "their daub" and engage in artistic career in 1958, having worked for three years put on distribution, entered the Moscow Art institutimeni Surikov . In the Members of the Union of Artists was adopted in 1964, immediately after graduation in college. Since 1957 he has been actively involved in numerous All-Union, republican and regional exhibitions, which was not easy in those atheistic years.

 Artist who painted churches and monasteries instead of party leaders and party congresses, had hard times. But nevertheless, kept up personal painting exhibition Astaltseva in Moscow, the Moscow region, in different cities of the country. Several hundred of his works are in those "exit" during fall beyond the borders of the Soviet Union: the United States, Germany, Britain, Japan, Syria, Greece, the Netherlands and other countries of the world.

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