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Antipov Peter Antipovich (1864 -?)

Painter, the academician. He graduated from the Imperial Academy of Arts (1897-1901). Was awarded the medal.

Fate decreed that on the last years of the life of Peter Antipovich Antipov no information. He was a painter, very close in spirit to the artists and the Wanderers.

After graduating from the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (he studied from 1892 to 1896), who had still to the end of the XIX century, the status of secondary school, the young MP Antipov continued since 1897 to improve the skill of a volunteer at the Academy of Fine Arts in the studio of the I. Repin . In 1901, he paints a picture "Down the Aisle", for which the artist was awarded the title.

The main direction of creativity P. Antipov - songs about everyday. These he says with obvious hunting and puts on exhibitions of the Moscow Society of Arts and the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions. It did not seem to relate to search form and innovations in the art of the early twentieth century. He was interested in "Game of Checkers", "Mistress", "The kids", "The patient's girlfriend", "In the Forest", "At work", "Spinner", "Before the feast," "Baby Sitter". They disagree on museums provincial towns of Russia, their buying private collectors and lovers of traditional realist art.

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