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Schedrovsky Ignatius Stepanovich (1815-1870)

Renowned painter and lithographer, particularly drawn to genre painting. Left a number of paintings - of genre and landscape. JS Schedrovsky studied at the University of Vilnius. Entered the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts at the public expense, he had not failed, so in 1833-36 years. he attended classes at the Academy of Arts as an auditor.

However, in 1836 he received the title of a free artist, "in recognition of his achievements on the part of a good landscape painting" (later, in 1842, received the title of academician).

He earned the young and the poor for a living artist lithographs from famous works of art, who received orders from OPH.

In 1839 Schedrovsky released his first album (36 lithographs) on the themes of Russian folk life. The artist made drawings, but lithographed their other wizard. The success was great, and it is possible to repeat later Schedrovsky album four times (1845, 1846, 1852, 1855). But now it changes the format of the first edition of vertical to horizontal, and does everything himself lithography, and in color, using a black, bluish and reddish paint.

Work Shchedrovsky said Belinsky for higher reliability in the transmission of urban scenes, the typicality of persons and characters. The best known lists of "The Merchant and the poor," "Coopers", "carpenter's workshop." Artist able to catch not only the major internal and external features of the different types of people, but even their characteristic movements, gait, the very rhythm of their lives. At the same time it avoids the hassles, circumlocution and spare parts. Corresponds to a level of generalization and a solid, clear picture.

Preserved, not all paintings Shchedrovsky. Not quite in the mainstream of his work were a few landscapes with hunters that resemble the mood of paintings Venetsianov school. Other paintings Shchedrovsky - for example, "Sbitenschik" (1837), "The Reader on the waterfront and trader lemonade", "Carpenters" (both 1839) - similar in approach and subject to his lithographs. Carefully and accurately, with great sympathy for the ordinary workers, the poor Schedrovsky shows their daily lives and activities, introducing them to the audience as aesthetic value.

In fact, in the works Shchedrovsky meet old and new direction in art, and he happily avoids the disadvantages of both. It develops genre that will prevail in Russian painting of the second half of the XIX century., But depicted, in accordance with its pozdneklassitsisticheskoy schooling, summarizes, cleans accidental, external and vain. Thus, we achieve a balance of abstract and concrete. On the last fifteen years of the artist's life, little is known. It looks like they were in all respects not easy.

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