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Zaryanko Sergei Konstantinovich (1818-1870)

SK Zaryanko entered the history of Russian art as the author skillfully executed portraits of his contemporaries. In the best of them, written in the 1840s - 50s., Depth reading of images is combined with the frankly naturalistic painting. "This is not art, and nature, lively and animated images ... In the eyes of live moisture bulge - those eyes are watching.'s Hand completely separated from the canvas ... kind loyalty increased to the extent that you inadvertently forget the canvas, you see in front of him a living person, "- writes in a contemporary review of the 1850 exhibition of the portrait sculptor FP Tolstoy.

Inherent robin particular fondness for nature is the result of good lessons learned his teacher V. Avrorina M. and A. Venetsianov .

Catching up in the middle of the 1830s. at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts in landscape AM Vorobyov and the number of its foreign student, Zaryanko at the same time continued to use the advice Venetsianov . Method of educating artists, typical for the school Venetsianov affected and that Zaryanko not immediately appealed to portraiture. It was preceded by images of interiors.

The first work of the artist, which caused interest in his work, has become a "Hall Law School with groups of teachers and students" (1840-41). In 1843, for the next academic exhibition appeared "Interior of the St. Peter and Paul church." At the same artist painted a considerable size "View of the interior of St. Nicholas Cathedral of the Sea", featuring a particularly thorough transfer of items of furniture and utensils.

After completing the picture Zaryanko "was nearly blind from too polysyllabic annual labor", which is still not gone to waste, and brought him the title of academician.
Interiors artist will write and 1850s., although the main part of his work takes portraiture.

In 1843 Zaryanko briefly moved to Moscow, where he serves as an art teacher at the Alexander Orphan Institute and the Moscow School of palace architecture.
autumn of 1846 the artist transferred to St. Petersburg. Here he taught drawing in military school (from 1851 - Constantine Cadet Corps).

In St. Petersburg, the artist lived for ten years and wrote his best portraits of the famous opera singer OA Petrov (1849), A. S. Taneyev (1853), St. Petersburg, "the mayor" of IP Lesnikova, NV Sokurova ( both 1854), S. Golitsyn (1857), families Turchaninova, Latkina (in the interior, 1850). In 1853 the artist was awarded the title of professor. However, as a great master, the acknowledged head of the new full-scale concrete directions in portraiture, Zaryanko was not able to achieve the right to teach at the Academy of Arts.

In January 1856 he was forced to agree to accept the post of inspector and senior professor in MUZHV. Among his students - V. Perov , V. Makovsky , etc.
 Last, Moscow period of the artist's life, covering the second half of the 1850s and 1860s., mainly marked by teaching. His talent portraitist, he almost ran out, using the works of the same techniques to zaglazhivaya gloss painted surface of the canvas. All this caused a fair criticism, do not interfere, however, robins work hard. He died suddenly.

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