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Yakovlev Gavriil Ivanovich (1819-1862)

In the Imperial Academy of Arts in accordance with its articles of association existed category of foreign students, which include artists and retirees of the Company and to promote artists who do not engage in related activities of the Academy of Fine Arts. Foreign students passed the course and in the preparation of the gold medal had the right to the title of the artist and overseas pensionerstvo by the Cabinet of His Imperial Majesty, and foreign students of the Society for Promotion of artists - at the expense of society.

Gabriel I. Yakovlev, were in the Academy as a foreign student, in 1839 he received the title of a free artist's pictorial work "The Old Man."

In subsequent years, GI Yakovlev portrait of studying hard, reaching in this kind of painting considerable skill. He posed for many famous contemporaries.

In 1852 he was awarded the title of "appointed" in academics. "Portrait of FA Bruni, "written in 1853, brought the artist to the honorary title of Academician. Today, portraits of GI Yakovlev - welcome exhibits of museums and art galleries of the country.

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