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Roman Volkov Maksimovic (1776-1831)

By the time when the future Roman Volkov Maksimovic was a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts, she already had experience of two decades of training and education first Russian academics. We see learning from the young and the young R. Volkov was successful because he was already in 1804 a graduate of the Academy for the picture on the mythological theme "Ganymede" was presented to the rank of "assigned" to the Academy.

For endowed with talent and has acquired a certain mastery of the artist at his perseverance and performance needed to make just one step to get the very prestigious and honorable materially title of Academician. Such a move RM Wolves did in 1808, when for the painting, "The Baptism of the Lord Jesus," he was awarded the well-deserved title.

In the future, the painter worked quite well. He painted portraits of the author of several well-known, among which highlight the "Portrait of Emperor Alexander I", "Portrait of PD Larina" and "Portrait of the fabulist Ivan Krylov." Continued and gospel artist mythological themes in his work: just call the paintings "Diana, surrounded by nymphs and Actaeon," "Descent from the Cross of the Savior," written in full accordance with the canons of academic school. In our time, the product RM Volkov are first-class art collections in the country. The State Russian Museum and the State Tretyakov Gallery, one of them.

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