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Vasiliy Timofeev, T. (1835 - 1914)

Singer girl's and women's heads, the author of portraits of contemporaries and contemporaries Basil T. Timofeev was educated at the Academy of Fine Arts as an auditor student.
 In 1864 he was awarded the prestigious title is not the artist's third degree for his work "The boy - a Jew insists prayer. " However, the dejection of a young artist, who began work independently, not indulged. He found his path and headed for her first class artist in the second degree (1865) and the class artist of the first degree (1866).

The number of its generic heads and portraits growing, with many of them familiar visitors yearly academic exhibitions: 1865 - Portrait of the city Khokhlova, Workshop of the young artist, 1867 - Portrait of Madame Stepanova, 1868 - Portrait of Mrs. N, Portrait, the Belyaeva, 1869 - Portrait of the city of N, Portrait, the Makarov, 1875 - Portrait of a Murder, the Portrait of Mrs. Levshina, Head Girl, 1885 - Three female heads, petitioner; 1889 - Female Head, Portrait of Mrs. ***.
wonder what would impressed by the modern audience gathered in a large hall cute little faces of children and stern faces gentlemen and beautiful women, VT Timofeev. Probably would have liked. Beauty, beautiful (if you want), spontaneity have many supporters in the painting. Cause they delight in our time.

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