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Shukaev Gregory F. (1812 -?)

There was a battle painter Gregory F. Shukaev what is called a practitioner: I saw with my own eyes, and then tried to transfer to canvas. His love of painting began to implement in adulthood, when for seven years (1843-1850) was a volunteer at the Academy of Fine Arts.

But he had to this time certain skills in the construction and painting of the battle scenes and in 1845 received a silver medal for his painting "The Battle of Lutzen."

In 1850, Mr. Shukaev was awarded the title of class artist. In subsequent years, he creates a series of paintings depicting scenes of contemporary warfare. Some of them were successful and were eagerly bought by amateurs battle painting. For example, written in 1862, the painting "The military camp in the Caucasus" is now stored in the Russian Museum.

Pure battle genre - do not stick for the artist. It requires special eye, skill, perception. GF Shukaev not become great battle scenes, but over the years his skills honed and perfected. Exhibited in 1873 at the exhibition of the academic painting "The actions of the Life Guards regiment of Finland in Vilnius province ..." brought the artist a small but successful: for it he received the title of class artist third degree.

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