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Shukhaiev Vasily Ivanovich (1887-1973)

VI Shukhaiev born of a shoemaker, was orphaned early. But managed to enter the SHPU in Moscow, where he studied under the guidance of K. Korovin and I. Nivinsky . Then he continued his education at the High School of Art at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (1906-12), in the workshop of D. Kardovsky , where he studied and his age A. E. Yakovlev .

Inseparable friends, Shukhaiev and Yakovlev and art are like-minded. Both were outstanding representatives of the school Kardovsky in their work reflected a new direction for those years - Neo-Classicism.

While studying at the Academy of Fine Arts, Shukhaiev started participating in exhibitions. Degree work of the artist "Bacchanale" (1912) met with incomprehension on the part of the academic authorities. Oriented product Rubens, it confused with its frank and direct appeal to the art of the past. Supported the aspirations of the young master A. Benoit , whose authority was unquestioned art critic.

Not having received recognition from the Academy of Arts, Shukhaiev went to Italy as a pensioner "Russian society in Rome." Soon he was joined by Yakovlev. In Italy, the artists studied the old masters, many drawn from nature. Among the software products is their double self-portrait, titled "Harlequin and Pierrot." The idea of ​​this self-portrait they appeared impressed by the play of Vsevolod Meyerhold "Scarf Columbine", staged in 1911 at the "House of interludes" in St. Petersburg, both artists have taken part in the production. Yakovlev finished his part of the self-portrait still in Italy, and the work Shuhaeva dragged on for years and was finally completed only in 1962, artist portrayed himself as Pierrot. Exact academic drawing, painting smooth, deliberately symmetrical composition of the paintings were a reaction to the experiments and innovations that distinguished art of those years.

On the painting of past eras and other works focused Shuhaeva. Portrait of Larisa Reisner (1915) is reminiscent of the masters of the Renaissance, the portrait EN Shuhaevym (1917) - ancient ceremonial portraits. They Shukhaiev used almost-forgotten while encaustic painting techniques, techniques for working in gold. Theatricality and retrospectivism these works were close artistic principles Masters "World of Art" exhibition in which the artist was involved.

The interest in the revival of the traditions of the old masters is different and "shop painters St. Luke's," one of the organizers and participants of the creative association Shukhaiev was in 1917 Shuhaeva Many of the works of those years did not have survived, but remained a large number of full-scale drawings in which the artist proved to be a great painter. The favorite technique Shuhaeva was sanguine. Sangin portraits, such as Portrait Andronnikova SN (1917), are the best examples of portraiture.

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