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Schilder Gustavovich Nicholas (1828-1898)

Before our time has come quite a bit of pictures painted by Nicholas Gustavovich Schilder. "Temptation" - one of them. Clean image of the girl (and this is emphasized by the artist white blouse heroine) is opposed to the Consolidated trying to seduce unfortunate bracelet. In the cramped and poor little room to seriously ill or dying mother, which further enhances the tragedy of what is happening. Probably, the whole scene too sentimental. Artist, was strongly influenced by PA Fedotov , clearly lacks the talent of the latter.

Still picture notable at least two reasons. First, it is the second (or first) of two paintings acquired PM Tretyakov and marked the beginning of a great collection of works by Russian artists. This means that the young merchant - a collector, a patriot - found something in it (perhaps artlessness and simplicity) and acquired, along with a "run-in with Finnish Smugglers" VG Khudiakova . Second, H. Schilder wrote his painting, as a student of the Academy of Fine Arts, where he joined in 1846 and where he studied under the famous teacher of battle paintings BP Villevalde . And the treatment of the young artist to acute domestic theme, a kind of ulcer of the Russian society, there is evidence of its high internal responsiveness.

In a critical component of national art has already been given a single shot of PA Fedotov , in front of representatives of the shots will be "critical realism." The picture is NG Schilder was written during the time in anticipation of the great conviction that does honor to the young painter.

Subsequently NG Schilder left the pitch and that his first paintings. It is known that he was "filled his hand" in writing portraits of Russian emperors and their families. This earned on bread and water, brushes and paint. Human fates are not always predictable.

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