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Charlemagne Adolf I. (1826-1901)

Charlemagne (Adolf I., 1826 - 1901) - batalicheskih, historical and genre painter, sculptor, decorator grandson of Jean-Baptiste Bode-W., Had moved to St. Petersburg for Empress Catherine II of Rouen, and the son of an architect, a graduate of the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts, received a general education in school at the St. Petersburg Lutheran Church of St. Peter and of his in 1848, he enrolled at the Academy, which dealt first historical painting under the guidance of FA Bruni , and then in the classroom batalicheskih BP Villevalde .

When he was a student of the Academy in 1852, received a silver medal for the sketch "in the Horse Guards Red Village" in 1853 much the same medal for his painting "The episode of the battle of Austerlitz," in 1854 a small gold medal for the execution of the competition Program "Episode of the Hungarian campaign of 1848" and, finally, in 1855 a gold medal for the program as written now, "Suvorov at St. Gotthard" (located in the Gatchina Palace).

Having acquired along with the last of these awards the right to travel to foreign lands as a pensioner of the Academy, he was in the same year he went to Munich, where the advice of AE Kotzebue and wrote the picture: "The Reception of Suvorov in Milan" and "The Last overnight Suvorov in Swiss" (both are also in the Gatchina Palace). The second of these works Sh delivered in 1859 became an academician. He then made ​​a trip to Paris, where he studied them a favorite style pompadour on his Versailles models, visited Stuttgart and some other cities in Germany and returned to St. Petersburg in 1861

Here, the first of his works were nadprestolnye other way for Catholic churches in the Corps of Pages, and the cemetery on the Vyborg side, and then he wrote painted ceilings and wall panels for homes in Prince Meshcherskij A. Polezhaeva Moscow and St. Petersburg. In 1867, was the most remarkable paintings of S.: "Catherine II in the studio falcon" to deliver the title of professor and artist acquired by Empress Maria Alexandrovna.

Since that time his fame was enhanced and increased rapidly. From his brush, the pencil and the pen came out a lot of paintings, watercolors and drawings, great briskness and taste performance. His compositions for more than twenty years, have been snapped up by publishers of magazines bought to play them in one way or another graphic way.

Since 1871 he served Charlemagne artist with the expedition of State Currency, in the same year he was invited to be a consultant in the now defunct Drawing Workshops chief quartermaster management in the performance of military watercolor scenes, celebrations, and other maneuvers for Album of the Emperor Alexander II, and in 1873 . received the title of artist of His Imperial Majesty. Charlemagne of the paintings, written in oils, except marked above, are worthy of mention: "Peter I publicly announce the conclusion of peace with Sweden" (written more abroad) and "Peter I in 1697 covers the conspirators in the house Tsyklera" (1884) .

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