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Sudkovsky Rufin Gavrilovic (1850-1885)

Sudkovsky Rufim Gavrilovic - landscape painter, studied first in Ochakov religious school, and then in the Odessa Seminary. But he was drawn in a completely different area. Standing view of the sea with its fascinating effects hit the fantasy of the future artist, and he's still at that time tried to play them with a pencil and brush, with the use of which met in Odessa Drawing School of the Society of Arts.

In 1868 Sudkovsky was apprenticed to the Imperial Academy of Arts. Here he remained for three years and in 1870 received two silver medals, a small and a large incentive, and then went home. Diligent scripture studies on the Black Sea, as well as a trip in 1874 to foreign lands Sudkovskogo quickly pushed forward, developed his powers of observation and improved technology.

In 1877, presented by the Academy for his work, he received the title of class artist of 2nd degree, and two years after was promoted to the great artists of the 1st degree. Finally, in 1882, the Academy awarded him the title of Academician. Despite the brevity of his life, Sudkovsky managed to take a very prominent place among the Russian painters.

Marine species for which the motive gave him mainly Ochakova coast and Odessa, suggest that he learned a movable element is excellent in all respects, they are an astonishing fidelity to pass it rest and motion, and the vastness of its transparency, welcoming the game in its solar or lunar rays in calm weather, its severity and the terrible majesty of the storm.

Particularly successful products Sudkovskogo be considered "Ochakovskaya pier" (located at the Museum of Alexander III in St. Petersburg), "Calm" (ibid.), "Rough Sea", "Calm" (at the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow), "Storm near Ochakova "(1884)," Noon Ochakov on the Shore "(1883)," The night will storm "," Kinburn Spit after the rain, "" Fishing for herring "(1882) and" The Dnieper girla. " Phototype album with pictures of his favorite paintings published by F. Bulgakov (St. Petersburg, 1897).

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