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Petr Petrovich Sokolov (1821-1899)

The son of the famous Russian watercolor PF Sokolov , Pyotr Petrovich Sokolov inherited the talent and inclination father - he also became a painter, watercolourist. However, the main theme of his work is not continued the family tradition.

PP Sokolov has not received complete formal education, although he entered the Academy of Fine Arts, and even studied it for three years (1840-1843). Among his teachers was the famous Karl Briullov .

But the young Sokolova did not excite neither teachers nor mythological subjects, neither the canons of academic painting. He left the Academy, travels a lot, it becomes even witnessed fighting on the Russian-Turkish war. Everywhere is doing a lot of sketches of everyday scenes, he painted portraits and illustrated books. However, it attracted more and more dynamic scenes - running horses, hunting for birds and animals, the relationship between humans and animals. This fascination with PP Sokolov has achieved remarkable skill, which was evaluated on merit.

At the end of his life the artist honored title of academician, although it is not in academic regalia - works of PP Sokolov in his life were welcome acquisitions of art museums and private collections.

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