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Sazonov Kondratievich Vasily (1789-1870)

With all the organizational shortcomings (as without them?) Imperial Academy of Fine Arts in the early decades of his life (the end of XVIII - early XIX century) has paid Russian lines in the history of painting a lot of attention.

 The program for academics, for which a student of the Academy of Arts (1804-1815) Vasily Kondratievich Sazonov received a small silver and gold medals (1811), called "Tsar Ivan Vasilyevich gives warriors brought him water in a helmet wears out from thirst simple soldier, whom he napoevaet."

 No less patriotic program sounded "Loyalty to God and the Emperor Russian citizens, who, being rasstrelivaemy in Moscow in 1812, went to death with a firm and noble spirit, not accepting the commandment of Napoleon's" for the implementation of which Sazonov received in 1813 a large a gold medal and the right to a pensioner's trip abroad, postponed until 1818 because of the war in Europe. VK trip Sazonov was successful: he had brought from Italy, copies of paintings by Caravaggio's "The Entombment" and Titian's "Love the earth and heaven." For them and their original work, "Dmitry Donskoy in the Kulikovo field" painter was awarded the title of Academician in 1830.

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