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Martiros Saryan (1880-1972)

Painter, the largest Master of Armenian art of XX century. Creatively continued the tradition of symbolism.

He was born in Nakhichevan-on-Don (now - as part of the Rostov-on-Don) 16 (28) February 1880. He studied at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Since 1902 student B. Serov and K. Korovin . Member associations shows "Blue Rose", "World of Art", "Union of Russian Artists," "Four Arts".

In 1910, 1911 and 1913 visited Constantinople, Egypt, and Iran, in 1926-1928 - Paris. Before the October Revolution of 1917, he lived mainly in Tbilisi and Moscow, in 1921 settled in Yerevan.

Joined the symbolism in his student days. Much of his compositions of the 1910s there was a series of "Tales and Dreams". He frequently worked colored ink, watercolor, gouache and tempera, creating a surreal and flimsy colorful extravaganza. At the iconic style of Saryan influenced art Gauguin and Matisse, manifested in the bright local color of his paintings and escalated linear rhythm. Impressions of the East Mediterranean and composed - partly under the influence of French Fauvism - the denser the color gamut and sharp silhouettes, closely associated with a particular kind, but the master remains true to the poetics of legends and parables.

After the October Revolution of 1917, with the move to their historic homeland, these colorful legends acquire emphasized national-romantic character, "dreams of the East" turn in "Dreams of Armenia." A kind of manifesto of the appeal to the South Caucasus as a primary source of inspiration steel curtain designs for the Drama Theatre in Yerevan and compositional associated with them colorful panel of "Armenia" - with the majestic and at the same time symbolic and conventional views of the mountains, bathed in bright sunshine.

In the years 1926-1928 Saryan lived in Paris and during this period has experienced an obvious influence of French Impressionism. In 1930 he wrote, mostly portraits and bright, festive still life in color.

In the years 1940-60 Saryan has experienced a new hobby landscape. The artist also worked in the field of book illustrations and theatrical-decorative art.

In the later years of the master (awarded in 1965 the title of Hero of Socialist Labor) retained the live energy of artistic research: he seems to be returned to the impressions of youth, creating in the 1960s series "fabulous" landscapes with folklore and mythological motifs (Saryan Museum). Being a living legend who represents "silver age", he invariably attracted young people.

Died Saryan in Yerevan May 5, 1972.

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