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Family of artists Rossinskaya

Rossinsky Iliodorovich Vladimir (1874-1919), eldest in the family, he graduated in 1897. UZhViZ in Moscow, was actively involved in the artistic and cultural life of his time. He worked in the publishing house "Reseller", a designer at Brocard, wrote the scenery to spektaley Theater with 1909. member "of the Moscow Society of Art Lovers," a frequent visitor teleshovskih environments, with participants which they were written now known portraits - Bunin, F.Shaljapina, L.Andreev, Rachmaninov, M.F.Andreevoy and others are now These works are in museums in Moscow and in the family archive. More than 75 graphic works and paintings in the museum Bakhrushin.

 Special place in V.Rossinskogo held Tolstoy. Album of drawings of the artist, "The Last Days of Tolstoy" (Levenson 1911) will be reissued by the museum "Yasnaya Polyana" the 85th anniversary of the death of Leo Tolstoy. Another album of drawings was published in conjunction with V.Rossinskim V.Vasnetsvym and is dedicated to Moscow (Moscow in 1812 1912g.g.). In UZhViZ V.Rossinsky met his future wife, Elena Dmitrievna Chichagov, whose father is an architect D.N.Chichagov - the author of the building of the State Duma on the Red Square, and many other facilities in the city of Moscow, the founder of the Moscow Union of Architects.

  Yelena Rossinskaya (1874-1971) lived a long life (she died at the age of 97) without leaving Moscow, and without departing from the easel. She is survived by two revolutions and two world wars and has remained true to his profession. She worked in the classroom V.Makovskogo and Ilya Repin , in the workshop arch. F.Shehtelya, was close to E.Kruglikovoy and A.Golubkinoy, the artist's family KA Savitsky . The main theme of her paintings - landscapes and still lifes.

 Rossinskii younger brother, Theodore Iliodorovich Rossinsky (1886-1960) by major field of study physician surgeon, graduated from the University of Basel. From 1925 until the last days he lived in Moscow's Arbat district. He was in constant touch with the artists, painting became his second profession. Kept his job profile A.S.Kruglikovoy.

 The works of Fyodor Rossinsky made primarily with oil at a good professional level, depict Moscow Arbat streets, neighbors in the country, always dear to the nature of the Muscovite suburbs.

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