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Popov, Alexander Andreyevich (1852 - 1919)

Alexander A. Popov (15 (27) .02.1852 - 08.05.1919), academician of the Imperial Academy of Arts. was born in the village of St. George County, Rybinsk, Yaroslavl province eighth child in a family of a priest. He studied at a religious school in Yaroslavl, in 1868 - in the Yaroslavl Theological Seminary, where he showed his talent for painting. In 1872 he enrolled in the Imperial Academy of Arts in the department of history painting, where he studied under the guidance of professors VP Vereshchagin , PP Chistyakov and PM Shamshina . During the period of training received all existing academic awards: in 1875 - two small silver medal for drawing and sketch from life, in 1876 - two large silver medal for drawing and sketch from life, in 1878 - a small gold medal for the program, "Abraham cast out of the house Hagar and her son Ishmael. " In 1879 for his film "The whore in front of Christ" was awarded a large gold medal, the title of class artist 1st degree and was awarded a pensioner's trip abroad for a period of four years. (Currently, the web is in the exposure of the Latvian National Museum of Art). autumn of 1880 went abroad with L.R.Veselovskim and IL Asknazy . Visited Dresden, Vienna, Munich and Paris, where in 1881 he attended lectures and six months working in the studio of the famous French painter Léon Bonnat. After a visit to Florence, he continued to work in Rome with IF Seleznev,  SV Bakalovich and FA Bronnikov . According to the results of a pensioner's trip in 1884 was awarded a gold medal for his painting "The Burial of the Christian martyrs in the catacombs of Rome." During the internship wrote the painting: "Before the coffin of the martyr", "Porton", "before the tomb of the parents», «Ave Maria», «Terrace on the sea", "On the seashore", 5 etudes - "Girl with Doves" "Mother and Child", "Head of Italians," "On the terrace", "Chapel on the island of Capri." After the trip left at the Academy of Fine Arts, where in 1885 received the title of academician, and in that same year, on the recommendation of the Academy was appointed director of the Drawing School Odessa Society of Fine Arts. Together with KK Kostandi, GA Ladyzhenskaya and other artists, has put education at the Odessa School of Drawing on new grounds. in 1890 acted as a founding member of the Association of South-Russian Artists (TYURH). In 1892 he was elected chairman of the Association, and remained in that position 10 years until 1902. In 1900 he was appointed director of the Art School (since 1909 the Art School. Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich of the Odessa Society of Fine Arts), created by the Academy of Fine Arts at the Odessa Drawing school due to the successful preparation in her artistic training. In 1917, after the elimination of the Imperial Academy of Arts, resigned. But the teacher of drawing and painting remained until his death in August 1919. Being busy organizing the learning process and teaching in the remaining time filled orders for portraits of royal personages and way of iconostasis. For the Church in his native wrote in a gift "Last Supper" in size 2.25 x 6 meters. Enchanted views of the Odessa coast, drew a lot of seascapes at different times of the year, in particular, a series of paintings "The sea of ice." He also wrote several works of genre, one of which - "In the absence of masters" is in the Odessa Art Museum. participated in exhibitions of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, in almost all of the exhibitions TYURH, XX traveling, exhibitions, lotteries, charitable exhibitions, Art and Industry Exhibition 1910 year. In 1896, in Odessa, a joint exhibition of paintings II Levitan , VA Shem and AA Popov. 's paintings of the artist are in museums in Riga, Odessa, Nikolaev, and others, in many private collections in Russia, Ukraine and abroad. Sources: 1. Fund of the Russian State Historical Archive, fund number 789, Inventory 8 - 1872, case number 145, Alexander Popov, A. (covering the period 1872 - 1917 years), 77 p.; Inventory 10,18,19 2. Archival materials of the Imperial Academy of Arts, foundations number 25, 31. 3. Proceedings of SU YAO "State Archive of Yaroslavl region" in Rybinsk, archival information from 30.10.2009 № 07-18/31 3. FI Bulgakov. Our artists (painters, sculptors, mosaic artists, engravers and medalists) on academic exhibitions of the last 25th Anniversary, Volume 1, St. Petersburg, 1898 4. Veronica Bogdan Irina Troyanovna. Historic class of the Academy of Arts of the second half of the nineteenth century. On the evolution of Russian historical painting. Speciality 17.00.04 - Fine Arts. Dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Art History, Volume 1, St. Petersburg, 1994 Information provided by the great-granddaughter of the artist Olga Nikolaevna Shuklenkovoy, St. Petersburg,

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