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Oleshkevich Joseph I. (1777-1830)

Education Joseph I. (according to other sources - Antonovich) Oleshkevich received in Paris. Most of the works created in St. Petersburg. He painted pictures on historical subjects and was well-known portrait painter in the northern capital - among others wrote and members of the imperial house.

It so happened that two of the most famous of the surviving works of the painter are two major museums of Russian art of the country. The first of them - "a benevolent charity and the care of the Empress Maria Feodorovna of the poor" - is located in the Russian Museum, and was written in 1812. The plot has a historical basis. The second wife of Emperor Paul I (by the way, who gave birth to 10 children in the marriage) was in 1797 appointed as the main boss of the Russian educational buildings. Add that her department was established to encourage women's education in the country. For this painting I. Oleshkevich received in the same year and welcome the honorary title of Academician. "Portrait of Doctor of Medicine and Surgery Nikolai Fedorovich Arendt" was written in 1822 and kept in the Tretyakov Gallery. The painter depicted the 37-year-old physician, who in fifteen years will be to try to alleviate the suffering of the dying Alexander Pushkin after his tragic duel.

Such extraordinary characters of his works and made history of Russian painting II Oleshkevich.

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