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Novoskoltsev Nikonorovich Alexander (1853-1919)

A native of Voronezh Alexander Nikanorovich Novoskoltsev not limited to teaching at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. After his graduation in 1878, he entered St. Petersburg in full-scale class of the Academy of Arts, where he received a silver medal at the school added the same sample academic medals, the latter, a large, was awarded in 1882 for the soft picture "St. Sergius blessing Dmitry Don and lets go to battle with him two of the monks. "

In the same year class artist of the first degree, AN Novoskoltsev serving in the pensioner's trip to Europe, visiting art museums and galleries in Germany, Austria, Italy and France.

Some of his works, executed during his stay in Europe, became the property of the Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich, the president of the Academy of Fine Arts.

Of the many paintings AN Novoskoltseva can distinguish "After the Masquerade," "Corner of Venice," "Confessions," "Svetlana", "Death of Metropolitan Philip," "guardsmen" written juicy, emotionally, with the master of the series. For the painting "Death of Metropolitan Philip," the artist was awarded the title of academician of historical painting. Conducted AN Novoskoltsev and teaching, preparing the future artists in the Academy and the School of Baron Stieglitz.

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