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Nikitin Roman Nikititch (1680-1753)

Throughout the life of the younger brother of Ivan Nikitin , who is considered the founder of secular painting in Russia, Roman Nikititch was next to his brother.

From his legacy known only a few studies that present him belong. Among them - "Portrait of Grigory Dmitrievich Stroganoff," clearly inferior to the famous portraits painted by Ivan Nikitin.

Clearly, what is known about the life and work of the brothers quite a bit sketchy and information. P. Nikitin was also in abroad, we can say a pensioner's trip on orders of Peter I. Apparently, there he acquired some skills in the Western depictions in Russia is largely lost, as named above portrait is made as soon parsuna (from the Latin persona - the person). So in the Russian art of XVIII century was called the image of a real person, performed with the methods of iconography. However, such performance could be conscious - the brothers were independent in their views and were detractors inozemschiny. So when Anna Ivanovna both were beaten with whips and exiled to Siberia. After the death of Empress brothers were allowed to return to the metropolis. According to legend, IN Nikitin died on the way. Roman Nikititch brother survived a dozen years, although information about his work in the last years of life left.

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