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Tatiana G. Nazarenko (rod.1944)

Painter. Engaged in art photography. Portraitist, landscape, genre painter, a master of historical painting.
        In 1955-1962 she studied at the Moscow Art School at the Moscow State Art Institute named after VI Surikov , then in 1962-1968 at the Moscow State Art Institute named after VI Surikov in D . D.Zhilinskogo.
       Currently, he teaches at the same institute. Laureate of the State Prize of Russia, member of the Academy of Arts.
       T.G.Nazarenko is one of the leaders of the artistic life of the 1970s. For creativity characteristic of her generation analytic, multi-dimensional reading of the desire for meaning of the work, the focus of personal tone, the irony. Language of parables was close to many masters of the time. Nazarenko says: "70 years forced to resort to allegory: an awkward time, when like a lot is allowed, and yet again no closed again." Of particular prominence was brought to her historical paintings ("The Execution of the People", 1969-1972; "Decembrists", 1978). In them, she combines documentary, spirit evidence and historical view of the representation of the event. Interest in various stages of history and culture, the elements of stylization and direct quoting famous works - all this brings art Nazarenko with the aesthetics of postmodernism.

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