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Moller, Fyodor Antonovich (1812-1874)

Fyodor Antonovich (Otto Friedrich) Moller was at one time a very famous painter. Son of a sailor high rank (and later Secretary of the Navy) by F. Moller and he was preparing for a naval career. The pupil of the Sea Cadet Corps already in 1826 was made ​​an officer. But the awakened interest in painting and undoubted talent of the young naval officer "forced" him to attend the Academy of Fine Arts, where he soon becomes one of the favorite students KP Bryullova .

After graduating from the Academy of FA Moller rides on its own initiative in Italy (1838) to improve their artistic skills. Already in 1840, was sent to St. Petersburg for the painting "The Kiss" is the title of academician artist. In Italy is exceptionally rich creative life. Among his close friends - FA Bruni , AA Ivanov and NV Gogol, with whom the artist was especially friendly and a few portraits which he wrote. In addition to portraits of FA Moller, in accordance with the canons of academic writing paintings on biblical and historical subjects. For the film "The Apostle John the Theologian, preaching on the island of Patmos during the bacchanalian" (1856), the artist was awarded the title of professor of history painting.

 In St. Petersburg, he has been teaching, directs the activities of the Company's senior citizens to promote artists, and performs important order for the Grand Kremlin Palace in Moscow (a series of paintings dedicated to Alexander Nevsky), St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg ("Christ Carrying the Cross"). Transient inflammation of the lungs interrupted the work of FA Moller on his latest painting - "The Crucifixion of Christ." Born to a German Otto Friedrich, Russian artist Fyodor Antonovich Moller did not get lost in a generous talent for national culture of the mid XIX century.

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