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Miropol'skii Leonti Semenovich (1749-1819)

Many years Leonti S. Miropol'skii (Mitropolsky) worked in established shortly after his birth the Imperial Academy of Arts. In the "age of the portrait" Russian painting he had to become a portrait painter. They became, though not the first.

In 1779 Miropol'skii was awarded the title of "designated" in academics. After that, the artist followed by numerous orders from the Academy for the execution of portraits and other works. And if the majority of the writing is quite ordinary, portraits Vyazemskys and DF Astafyeva possible to account for the entire Russian portrait painting in the second half of the XVIII century.

On the border of the 1790s LS Miropol'skii creates perhaps his best work - "Portrait of an associate rector of the Academy of Fine Arts, GI Kozlov," which interestingly is an outstanding contemporary, academician and professor of historical painting, Director of Tapestry and the director of the Educational School at the Academy of Fine Arts. In 1794 LS Miropol'skii was honored for the title of academician named portrait, was a recognition of skill of the painter.

Although little is preserved over time in memory the history of domestic life painting LS Miropolskogo, his paintings are represented in one of the best art exhibitions of the country - at the State Russian Museum.

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