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Myl'nikov Nikolai Dmitrievich (1797-1842)

Painting, like most forms of art, like an iceberg, the invisible part of which consists of a little-known and unknown artists at all. There is such an artist at the beginning of the XIX century in the wilderness, in a district or provincial city and paints landscapes or portraits that adorn the walls of the houses of people with income to order a sample of beautiful corner of nature or their faces and their loved ones. They know the name of the artist, the writer known to a small circle pattern.

 Thus the artist was Nikolai Myl'nikov, who has lived his life in Yaroslavl, where grasped the basics of painting with his uncle, who had relation to the artistic craft.

 He is known today for portraits of persons belonging to the merchant class. And became famous thanks to the tireless promoter of Russian culture of Sergei Diaghilev, who in 1905 organized an exhibition of portraits of Russian artists, among them portraits of the talented, but no one famous painter ND Mylnikova.

Although the artist's portraits resemble parsuna (from the Latin persona - the person, the person) XVII century, they (portraits) expression and writing skills are a credit to the artist. He would sistematichestkoe art education and good teachers. However, this is from the subjunctive mood. ND Myl'nikov did what he did. It was unknown to him like his spectacular creations were often given a huge boost to interest in the art of people heartland and the birth of Repin and Surikov in not art centers of our country.

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