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Corinne Alexis (1865-1923)

Alexis Corinne belongs to the famous dynasty of Palekh painters. My grandfather owned a small artist and icon workshop was a famous miniaturist. Talent to izobrazitelstvu is transmitted from grandfather to grandson, because his father did not encourage her son drawing lessons. Interestingly, according to some school of icon painting Alex took his uncle Corin - DN Corina, father later known painters brothers Michael, Alexander and Pavel Korin .

In 1884, against the wishes of his father Alex Corinne went to Moscow and enrolled in the School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Among his teachers were known teachers: the brothers Sorokin, IM Prianishnikov , VE Makovsky and partly VD Polenov .

In 1889, A. Corinne, for the painting "After dinner," received a large silver medal and the title of the class artist painting. In the same year he and a group of artists (among them was Isaak Levitan ) worked in Ples, that on the Volga. In subsequent years, often lived and worked in this town, remembering him on his canvases.

In the 1890s, the artist a lot of fruitful work, creating landscapes, portraits and genre scenes. His drawing is accurate, painting loose, colorful. In 1891, a young painter first time participating in the exhibition artists Wanderers. In 1892 he had received a written appreciation of fellow artists, fans and critics painting "The patient artist." In the 1900-1910-ies AM Corinne wrote a lot of interesting portraits, is involved in the decoration of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia (Bulgaria), creates wonderful paintings related to the Russian North. Years tragic for the country, have become tragic for the artist - he died after a long illness. His posthumous exhibition of works was held at the last exhibition of the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions.

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