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Karneev Mayor Ye (1833-1896)

Despite all the wildness prevailed until 1861 serfdom in Russia, the domestic reality in those days gave interesting examples of the ways of life of Russians who were born serfs, but later sought recognition and high social status. An interesting chain of life milestones future academician of painting Akim Egorovicha Karneeva.

Born into a family of state serfs, given an eight-year boy in the rural parish school - his ability to draw a teacher notices VI Ilyin and communicates information about this to the control chamber of the State Property A. Brilevicha, informing about the ability of little boys Minister of State Property Count Kiselev, who manages to put the young A. Karneeva in Moscow Stroganov School (enviable care about talent!). And then the Count Kiselev involved in the fate of capable young men: it gives him (obviously, had a right to) freedom and dismissed from the class of state peasants.

Since 1853 A. Karneev studies at the Academy of Fine Arts under the guidance of AT Markov, annually receiving medals for their success. In 1860, the artist went to the pensioner's trip overseas, where with great benefit to improve their skills visited Paris, London, Luxembourg and Rome (for a picture of Italian life "Unequal Marriage" Academy of Fine Arts produced Karneeva in academics). In the Russian painter sent to perform work in Sevastopol, yes there is, and remains until the end of life. The city AE Karneev opened the initial drawing school for the benefit of national art and help those young people who have the ability and desire for Fine Arts.

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