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Vasily Andreyevich Zhukovsky (1783-1852)

In Russian culture, the degree of positive impact on the development of its Vasily Zhukovsky, of course, is one of the leading places. This situation is explained by the scale of his personality and by the many gifts that nature has endowed him. And if so, we should be interested in all that pertains to VA Zhukovsky. The more so that the fine art represented for him a lot of interest and is important in life.

For most of modern Russians, VA Zhukovsky - primarily a poet, one of the predecessors of A. Pushkin, a friend of the great poet, like NV Gogol, KP Bryullova and other contemporary artists and culture of the country and Europe. As the militiamen took part in the War of 1812. From 1815, he was in the service of the imperial court - taught Russian members of the royal family. Between 1826 and became the tutor of the heir - the future Russian Emperor Alexander II.

 Less well known is another: Zhukovsky studied in boarding school at the University of Moscow (1797-1801). It was at this time began to write poetry and studied drawing and painting. Love for drawing sparked interest in the engraving business, to the development of which he came quite professional. Numerous albums of drawings, VA Zhukovsky with views of towns and regions of Russia and Europe are stored in the leading cultural centers of the country. Among the artistic heritage, VA Zhukovsky - many etchings and engravings, often performed on its own figures. Finally, VA Zhukovsky - the author of numerous landscapes with views of places he visited in his many travels and trips. In short, VA Zhukovsky showed their talents in all kinds of activities engaged in by the internal aspirations and due to external circumstances.

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