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Sergey Ivanov

Art education SV Ivanov was MUZHVZ (1878-82), where he studied with J. Pryanishnikova , and at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (1882-84). Member of the Association of Traveling Art (since 1899), Ivanov belongs to the second generation of artists, the Wanderers, significantly updated the pictorial language of the older generation.

The first painting - "On the Road. Migrant Death" (1889), which brought him fame - has been shaped by means of close earlier works Wanderers narrative motif detail spelled out the details, but look at what is happening already expressed in new ways. The tragic ending - the death of a breadwinner, loneliness bereaved family - emphasized desert scenery scorched steppe. It is absurd shafts sticking up carts reinforce the impression of hopelessness happened. In a work of art means to actively use the composition, the poetic subtext plays a greater role than the realists of the older generation.

It is in search of updates pictorial language Ivanov took part in the creation of the CPX. For this association were characterized by decorative silhouettes of generalization, multiple use light, revealing an open-air laws. Since 1900 the art Ivanov becoming increasingly evident features of impressionism. Variability tremulous light flows highlights the main objects of the compositions. Concise, expressive means of the artist is trying to achieve the most capacious transfer plan.

In 1905, his picture appears "Execution" that struck contemporaries desperate shrill sound of protest. On the empty space left after the execution of a person lying in the ground shot, towering in the distance the dark silhouettes of houses and little figures of planned outgoing police. Such brevity of the narrative and expressive power in the transfer motif of modern history has achieved one of the forerunners of the artist.

Succinctly pointed-interpretation of images is planned in the work of Ivanov earlier, with the 1890., In the paintings on historical themes: "Troubles" (1897), "The presence of foreigners in Moscow XVII Century" (1901), "King. XVI Century "(1902)," "They're coming!" Punitive Force "(1905-09). In them the artist in a new look at the historical past of the homeland, not portraying the heroic moments of the event, and scenes of everyday life of ancient life. Some of the images are written with a touch of irony, the grotesque.

A great place in the compositions was given retrospective landscape. The life of the people and national characteristics and their relation with the future fate of Russia - that is the semantic basis of historical paintings Ivanov.

Before the end of his life remained a realist painter. Seriously studying the living nature, he freely and poetically reinterpreted it, bringing to it his understanding of beauty national life. Creativity Ivanov reflects the typical search art of the late XIX - early XX century.

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