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Konstantin Istomin

A cozy room with a large square window in a dark green wall behind him - pink-pearl (in contrast to the deep, strong color inside) winter city. Against the light - graceful silhouettes of two girls in black, engaged in reading. This is the "Vuzovki" (1933), the best and most famous painting KN Istomin.

At first glance - the genre, the picture on the "home" theme. But the meaning is quite large, broadly and boldly written canvas is clearly not in the details of the story, not in the character of girls (of which we know nothing concrete), not in their class. He's something else, less certain, but a more general ... In fact, why is this story on everyday picture seems suddenly open window to another bygone era, as if immerses the viewer in the spiritual atmosphere of the 1930s.

The point, apparently, in the very structure of the painting Istomin, in her precise but soft silhouettes, in its color contrasts. He studied painting in Germany, in Munich, the famous Hungarian painter and teacher Sh Holloshi (1906-09).
Later in Moscow, along with his classmates Munich B. Favorsky , mastering the art history at the University (1909-13). Holloshi taught saturated, internally complex simplicity, integrity pictorial perception of the world. This school is very much gave Istomin.

Since the beginning of 1920. and until his death he also taught painting at art schools - in the Higher Art - Vhuteine ​​(1921-30), at the Moscow Polygraphic Institute (1930-39), Moscow State Art Institute (1937-42). Istomin died in the evacuation, away from home, and his works are not many survived. Basically it is rigorous and accurate sketches from nature, landscapes, or depicting a female model in the interior: "In the room at the window" (1928), "Woman Reading", "Portrait of Lydia" (both 1931). This painting is not a narrative: the color and the light is transmitted directly keen perception of life - these are the main "heroes" and the main "events" canvases and watercolors Istomin.  

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