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Golovachevsky Kirill Ivanovich (1735-1823)

And do not Schelkin Golovachevsky man of unusual destiny if he was eighteen young men transferred from the directive of the court singers as lost due to age-breaking vote, as an apprentice to a well-known local artists (sorry, that the social status of a serf) , IP Argunov . And the young man to try a new art of making some progress.

In 1762, K. Golovachevsky appointed associate professor in 1765, he was awarded the title of academician (note that these were the years of the Academy of the most favored time for the citizens of Russia, sometimes the skill level is not the main argument for the appointment and the awarding of the title) .

In the memory of later generations KI Golovachevsky was best known for his forty years of service as an inspector of the Academy (1771-1773 and 1783-1823), a good teacher and, therefore, the favorite pupils. In the extant works of his early paintings specialists probably find a lot of flaws, as the natural medium for the artist's talent, and even forcibly displaced in the medium of art. As they say, depict as he could, let others work better.

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