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Hau Edward Petrovich (1807-1887)

A well-known painter, watercolourist middle of the XIX century was, and Edward P. (I.) Gau. A native of the Baltic city of Reval (now Tallinn) studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden (1830-1832).

In 1838, E. Hau received from the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts degree class artist.

He became known for his strict watercolor images of interiors of the Hermitage and Winter Palace, which was represented and represent great value for the history of Russian culture. Here are some of them: "The Grand Staircase at the Hermitage," "Hall of the Spanish School" (both - 1853), "Perspective view of the halls of the school in the Russian Imperial Hermitage" (1855), "The Cabinet of Alexandra" (1858), "Gallery 1812 "" The Cabinet of the Italian Schools "(both - 1860)," The Winter Palace. Peter Hall "(1863)," View of the Cabinet of Maria in the Winter Palace, "" Moorish Room "(both - 1864)," Field Marshals' Hall "(1866 ) and others.

Back in 1854 E. Hau was awarded the title of academician perspective watercolor painting (perspective, of course, in the sense of fashion images of spatial figures on a plane).

Like most artists, E. Hau not only closed once and for all the selected direction of art. He felt himself in other genres of painting. In particular, had success as a portrait painter contemporaries and contemporaries. The artist confirmed the obvious: the wizard, in whatever form it may fine art created will not be left without attention.

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