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Filippov, Konstantin Nikolayevich (1830-1878)

Filippov (Konstantin Nikolaevich, 1830 - 1878) - painter of battle scenes depicting well and genre scenes.

While studying at the Imperial Academy of Arts from 1850 to 1858. under the direction of Professor BP Villevalde , was small and large silver medal and in 1853 a small gold medal for his painting "The Cossacks hitters from the French convoy in 1812." Was sent to the army operating against the Turks to draw scenes of the Crimean War.

In 1858, for the execution of the program now, "military road between Simferopol and Sevastopol in 1855" (Located at the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow), has been awarded a large gold medal.

After living for a year in Warsaw, for writing batalicheskih paintings commissioned by the governor of the Kingdom of Poland and received at this time pensioner's content from the academy, set off for the border. He lived and worked first in Rome, where he performed, among other things, the painting: "The Italian forge" and "Leap of asses in Tivoli" (bought gr. Uvarov), and then in Paris.

Having arrived back in Russia in 1863, made a trip to the Caucasus, for employment at tamoshnem viceroy. In 1865, for the painting of a very large size: "Escape of the Bulgarians from the Danube by the retreat of Russian troops from Silistra," received the title of Academician.

Recently, his life spent on the southern coast of the Crimea. Filippov was strict, but a clever draftsman who was trying to make in his compositions genuine glow in the same color scheme is not particularly power, and his watercolors, what are, for example, a sketch, "The Flight of Bulgarians" (which is in the Museum of Emperor Alexander III), "An old Italian with the ass "," Sheep, taken by storm "and" Crimean steppe "(all three in the album of the Emperor), as well as line drawings (many of which are lithographed in the" Russian Art Newssheet "W. Timm), perhaps the best pictures , written in oils.

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