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Drevin Alexander Davidovich

One of the leaders of the Russian avant-garde 1920s and 30s., AD Drevin consistently upheld the principles of easel painting. The unique style of his painting is almost unparalleled in the domestic arts of XX century. Despite the fact that the artist's work can be easily separated into a number of periods, it appears remarkably intact in spirit, in the internal dynamics of the development.

Drevin turned to art rather late: the first time he picked up a brush, when he was nineteen years old. Study painting professionally he started in the Riga City Art School (1908 - 13), where he studied under the guidance of renowned landscape artist VK Purvita. Already during his studies in Riga Drevin participates in city exhibitions.

In 1914 the artist moved to Moscow, and quickly became involved in the atmosphere of the capital's creative life. Widely known series of his paintings, "a refugee" (1915-17). Defense is not manifested in the works Drevins directly, nevertheless left its mark on the structure of these beautiful songs ("Dinner", 1915, "Refugee", 1916, etc.).

In 1918-20. Drevin in search of new content refers to the art of abstract painting. In the works of this period, he is close to Rayonism - toward Russian avant-garde, led by M. Larionov . Already here pronounced originality of talent Drevins - painter: color of his paintings are always strict, based on a combination of a few colors, subtly varied.

Querulous reached, the artist continues his quest, and in the early 1920s. returned to figurative art, guided by the desire to be as directly and closer to nature. It was she, nature, and will be central to the future work of the master. Drevin seeks to open a new path in the arts, believing that the avant-garde achievements, including his own, are not the true solution of artistic problems arising in the present.

1920s. for it - time constant trips to Russian villages and small towns in the Urals, it is enriched with new experiences, gets a new, picturesque nature and a sense of hurry to express it with paint. Work in this direction brings him to the artist N. A. Udaltsova , which became in 1920 by his wife. In 1923, the painting Drevins and Udaltsova exhibited at the Moscow exhibition, along with a painting of former members of the "Jack of Diamonds" - A. B. Lentulova , MI Mashkov , P. Konchalovsky . Their home in search of plastic art. However, the works are particularly Drevins determination, strong-willed, temperamental smear ("Self-Portrait", 1923).

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