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Dobrovolsky Florianovich Nicholas (1837-1900)

A native of Tambov province, who graduated in 1855 in the course of the First Moscow Cadet Corps, Nicholas Florianovich Dobrovolsky until 1863 he served in the dragoon regiment Starodubsky. He loved painting, had her obvious ability, apparently, a lot of work on their own and perhaps take lessons in private studios. Therefore, in the thirty-seven years he came to the Academy of Fine Arts is quite prepared to volunteer.

After three years in the Academy (1874-1877) for his film "Big Russian road in the autumn," N. Dobrovolsky was awarded the title of class artist of the second degree. The picture was a real success and displayed at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1878.

NF Dobrowolski wrote mostly landscapes, but among the works of the artist are portraits and household composition. In 1881, the artist reiterated his skills - for the picture "Kiel Bay" and "in tow" Academy of Fine Arts has awarded the title of class Dobrovolsky artist of the first degree. We call the other works of the painter, well-received by critics and audiences as "The Tempest", "Rural sexton," "Playing Dog," "Night on the Volga River," "On the ship." In 1886, the artist traveled extensively through Siberia, remembering the paintings beauty of Irkutsk and its environs, the Angara and Baikal.

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