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Dmitriev Orenburg Nikolai (1837-1898)

Ten years of the most creative life (1875-1885) Nikolai Dmitriev-Orenburg spent in Paris, where most of what he wrote was sold and gradually got lost for future generations is often the case in a capricious memory of history, the history of painting as a special case. But also from established ND Dmitriev, Orenburg, which came to us and said of him as a worthy Russian artist.

 Was preparing for military service young man and his parents knowing people persuaded to enter the Academy of Fine Arts, where he studied with FA Bruni . For his drawings from nature and picturesque sketches Nikolai Dmitriev received silver medals in various strengths (and among them was a small gold), but in academic competitions last years of training Dmitriev has setbacks. His painting "The Grand Duchess Sophie Vitovtovna pulls the belt from Prince Vasili Squint" (1861) and "Strelets Rebellion" (1862) does not cause the favorable attitude of the academic authorities. Apparently, not by chance that the young artist "do not go" historical paintings pathetic content. Because it is more interested in the lives of ordinary people. It shows a lot in these years NA Nekrasov and IS Turgenev, and every summer travels to the Russian village, studying the life of the peasants. And as a result there are the exhibitions of his genre paintings, the best of which - "Drowned in the Country" (1867) - won him fame and the title of academician (from that time the artist begins to sign a double name, which will remain after him for a lifetime.)

 While living in Paris, ND Dmitriev Orenburg not break with the motherland. He travels every summer in Russian village, writes a lot of sketches. The artist was one of the organizers of the Society of Mutual Assistance and Charity Russian artists in Paris. His paintings were exhibited at the Salon willingly and buy.

 During the war of Russia against Turkey (1877-1878) for the liberation of the Balkan peoples from Turkish artist went to the army. His battle scenes give a positive evaluation stingy with praise VV Vereshchagin. In fact, "combat" is the main theme of his later years. Although he exhibited in 1880, and their favorite "Around the village", "Meeting", "Peasant Girl," "Sunday in the Country" (unfortunately, the fate of these paintings are unknown).

 ND Dmitriev Orenburg open until the last hours of his life. His love for the motherland, to the lives of ordinary people, his talent - in his works.

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