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Brullov Pavel Alexandrovich (1840-1914)

Surname obliged Pavel Alexandrovich Bryullova not only deal with the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of St. Petersburg University, but also to study at the Academy of Fine Arts, where he studies architecture successfully combined with the development of drawing and painting. Apparently, he was one of the few academics who received a silver medal educational content for both types of art. For example, in 1864 Briullov was awarded a large silver medal for the theater project to the provincial capital, and later, in 1870 - a great incentive to visit on a medal for academic painting exhibition "After Hours".

Yet the breadth of his interests, PA Bryullova, apparently, was excessive. He did not become famous architect, as was his father - a professor of architecture at the Academy of AP Brullov (title of class artist-architect of the third degree Briullov was only in 1874). As never achieved great recognition and official honors for his landscape paintings, though clearly at a high level of skill they acquire and PM Tretyakov, and members of the imperial family. In 1872 he became a permanent exhibitions on a mobile art exhibitions.

But to each his own: for his high erudition, for the perfect human qualities AP Brullov highly respected in the artistic environment of the country. And so in 1893 he was awarded the title of member of the Academy of Fine Arts, in 1904 - a member of the Board of the Academy, and from 1897 to 1912, he served as curator of the museum of Alexander III (now the State Russian Museum).

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