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Bogdanov, Nicholas G. (1850-1892)

Nicholas G. Bogdanov - a genre painter, artist grade 1, was born in St. Petersburg in 1850, graduated from the course in the St. Petersburg School of Commerce in 1870 and entered the Academy of Fine Arts, from which he received for landscape sketches 2nd silver medal in 1874 . and 1st silver medal in 1877

The following year he traveled to Russia for art classes, and in 1879 for a genre picture "Memoirs" was awarded the title of class artist III-th degree. In 1880, his painting "in his possession" was at the VIII-th exhibition, Association of traveling exhibitions, in 1881, and his works have been on academic exhibition, and IX-th mobile.

In 1882 he exhibited at the Academy in the newly established competition in genre painting "The Family scene in the garden," and August, President of the Academy, at the request of the Council, sought the highest permission to issue Bogdanov, the pensioner's content for one year so that he could go abroad and get acquainted with the works of famous artists, genre painters who are in European galleries. After seeing the same year at the same gallery in Germany and France, g.Bogdanov in 1883, sending his Etudes, performed in the vicinity of Paris, asked the Council to continue his pensioner's content for two years and when the request was Respecting, went to Rome.

Since 1884 his works are exhibited at the exhibitions of the Association of Traveling Exhibitions. From then until 1889, inclusive, they were exposed to 14 pictures. (Bulgakov, "Our artists", 1890, Saint - Petersburg)

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