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Belsky, Mikhail Ivanovich (1753-1794)

Russian painter Mikhail Ivanovich Belsky studied at the Academy of Fine Arts (1764-1773). His teachers were the famous AP Losenko and DG Levitsky .

The method of teaching in higher education became a tradition - focused on drawing and copying paintings by recognized masters. And in fact, in both M. Belsky and prospered after graduation portrait painting teacher of history and geography Baudouin with two pupils of the Academy of Arts of the first and the third age (1773), for which he won a gold medal for a long time he is serving overseas.

At first, as a pensioner of the Academy in England, where he continued to improve his painting at the Royal Academy of Arts. Then about six years, he likes on the guidance already French teachers (school paid for his father, Ivan Ivanovich Belsky, worked as a painter, decorator, follower of MV Lomonosov in mosaic technique).

Unfortunately, so far little has come of paintings, MI Belsky. And yet his work "Portrait of the composer Dmitry Stepanovich Bortnyansky" (1788) gives an idea of ​​the undoubted talent of the youngest of the well-known artistic talents Bielski family.

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