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Astrahov Basil Ye (? -1887)

Vasily Ye (G.) Astrahov is one of those half-forgotten local artists middle of the XIX century, who, having chosen for himself in the painting is not too high bytopisatelny genre, prepared, without knowing it, his rise in the coming decades.

He studied VE Astrahov at the Moscow School of Painting and Sculpture, showed a tendency to writing paintings on themes surrounding his life and in one of them - Flour storage shed - has received from the Academy of Fine Arts degree class artist. Recall that at the time the award is not even such a high rank was the prerogative of the Imperial Academy of Arts.

To have survived a few more works by the artist. His hands belong written with warmth painting "Boy with a Dog", characterized interesting ideas painting "The first exhibition of paintings by Aivazovsky in Moscow" as well as of interest "Semik in Marina Grove", "Merchants, playing checkers," "husband, a late toilet. "

There were at VE Astrahova and religious work, his canvas "John the Revelator" has acquired the famous St. Petersburg collector MP Fabricius. In general, exhibited at the exhibitions of VE Astrahova, if not caused the flow of goodwill and enthusiasm, and it is not "burned" withering fire from critics.

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